5 Common Winter Roof Problems in Springfield

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As vicious snowstorms batter our homes, icy drafts slip through gaps and cracks into our interiors making it a tad chilly inside. How can homeowners sustain the winter season and remain comfortable and cozy? It is essential to have a plan in place. For starters. look for telltale signs such as drafts, unusually high heating bills, or ice buildup on roofs. Checking for these signs regularly can help preempt potential issues and ensure a well-protected home throughout the cold season. Here are five tips for keeping your home safe as the winter progresses.


winter roof problems, winter roof damage

Ice Dams 

Winter commonly brings about ice dams. These are formed when roof snow melts, often due to interior heat escaping, and then refreezes near the eaves. This creates a barrier hindering melting snow drainage, leading to potential water seepage under shingles, causing leaks and potential interior damage.

To prevent ice dams, ensure your attic has proper insulation and ventilation, maintaining a consistently cold roof. Seal any attic gaps or air leaks to reduce heat loss. If ice dams are already present, consulting a professional roofing company like Gutter Ethics is wise to address potential damage.

Clogged Gutters

Throughout winter, blocked gutters become a significant issue. Debris left in gutters can lead to ice dams, obstructing water flow and resulting in leaks. This trapped water can harm ceilings, and walls, and compromise the roof’s structure. Regular pre-winter cleanings and post-storm gutter maintenance are vital. Gutter guards are worth considering to prevent debris accumulation. These straightforward actions protect your roof from potential damage. By staying watchful and taking preventive steps, Springfield homeowners can prevent the harmful impacts of gutter blockages in winter, securing a safer, sturdier roof.

Roof Snow Accumulation

Heavy snow accumulation on your roof may cause structural damage and potential leaks due to added weight. To prevent this, it is wise to remove excess snow using a roof rake—a long-handled tool specifically designed for this task. Safely pull snow off the roof from the ground, being careful and gentle to avoid injury or roof surface damage. Additionally, clear snow from the eaves and gutters to prevent ice dam formation.


winter roof problems


These lovely displays of ice are a common site in wintery scenes. However, they can cause damage under the surface. These formations can grow large and heavy, posing a hazard to people and property below if they break loose and fall. Poor insulation and ventilation in the attic can allow warm air to escape and melt snow on the roof. Properly insulating and ventilating your attic can help maintain a more consistent temperature. If icicles have already formed, it’s advisable to remove them carefully by using a roof rake, and standing clear.

Roof Leaks

The interplay between ice dams, snow buildup, and the freeze-thaw cycle can swiftly lead to roof leaks. Promptly addressing the root issues is vital. Regular roof inspections and maintenance are equally crucial. Should you notice a roof leak, seek guidance and professional assistance from Gutter Ethics promptly.

As wintertime approaches, make sure you aren’t spending precious time caring for your roof instead of enjoying winter activities. Use the above tips to properly prepare against the cold, snow, and ice to ensure a comfortable abode after a day of adventures. 

If you need assistance with your roof during the winter season, or have questions regarding the integrity of your roof, do not hesitate to contact Gutter Ethics for professional guidance. 

We look forward to helping you! 


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