Residential and Commercial Roofing: The Necessities for Your Building

Sep 2, 2021 | Blog, Roofing

What’s a roof? Roofs are a protective covering on top of buildings, typically made from clay tiles or sheets of metal. The primary purpose of the roof is to prevent water from getting into your home and causing damage. Roofing can be done for residential or commercial use, but there are some differences between the two that you should know about. In this blog post, we’ll cover those differences as well as what is necessary when hiring someone to do your Residential and Commercial Roofing job!

Roofing Services for Commercial Buildings


When it comes to commercial roofs, you must consider what type of material is best suited for the area. Some materials are better at preventing water from getting into your building, while others will help reduce energy costs and improve protection against extreme weather conditions, like hail or windstorms. If you’re not sure about which roof would be right for your building, we can recommend different types of Roof Installation Services! Make sure that when hiring someone to install your new roof, they have experience with installing similar products in Northern VA areas before. You should also make sure that they carry insurance and provide an estimate prior to starting the job so there aren’t any unexpected expenses later down the road!

Commercial Roof Installation


Commercial roof installations typically require a higher level of skill and experience than residential applications. Many types of commercial roofs are available for installation., including flat roofing systems which is the most common type in the Northern VA area due to its ease of installation and lower cost when compared with other options! When installing a commercial roof, it’s important to pay attention to the details so that water doesn’t get into your building and cause damage. Roofing seams, penetrations, flashings, and other details must be properly sealed to prevent leaks.

Roof Installation Service for Residential Homes


There are many kinds of Roof Installation Services for residential homeowners, however, for the material, they usually only need one, and that is the asphalt shingle. This material has been used all over Virginia for decades because it’s low-maintenance, affordable, and durable. In fact, this type of system is so popular in many homes that 90%+ use some form or another! Asphalt shingles come in different weights, so you should make sure to hire a professional Roof Installation Service company that understands the difference between them. When it comes to installation, most pros recommend waiting at least 24 hours after your home’s foundation is completely dry before having any work done on the roof!

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