Ways To Take Care Of Your Springfield, VA, Roof

Jan 11, 2022 | Blog, Roofing, Springfield

Since your roof is one of the most critical parts of your home, taking care of your roof is of the utmost importance. You rely on the roof above your head to keep you and your family safe from the elements. But, it’s easy to ignore the condition of your roof because it is always there.

Taking care of your roof is easy, especially when you take care of minor roof repairs. Don’t neglect your roof until it is too late and you’re left with the major expense of replacing your entire roof. Below are other ways you can ensure that your roof lasts longer.

Check Your Attic or Crawlspace Ventilation


Proper ventilation in the home is essential for your health and comfort within the home. Ventilation helps keep the house at the appropriate humidity levels. If there’s too little humidity in the home, you may notice dry skin, increasing static electricity. High humidity creates extra moisture in the house, which leads to rotting wood, structural damage, and mold and fungal growth. Low humidity also increases your risk of colds and other illnesses.

Having adequate ventilation in the home also helps to manage radon levels. Radon is an odorless and colorless radioactive gas that’s causes many health conditions and is also the second leading cause of lung cancer. Radon occurs naturally and finds its way into your home through cracks in the foundation.

Good Attic Insulation


Insulation is a must for your home no matter what time of year. Insulation protects your home by helping to manage moisture levels in the house. However, attic insulation can only do so much as holes and cracks in the roof still cause leaks and damage insulation. Damage to your roof also allows pests inside the home, which then use your insulation as a place to sleep, a nest for their offspring, or even as a place to leave droppings.

Inspect For Roof Damage Or Leaks


To see if you need an experienced roofer to conduct repairs on your roof, the easiest way for you as a homeowner to determine if you have any damage to your roof is from your attic or crawlspace. When you’re up there, you can easily see areas where you see the light coming in that isn’t from a window or vent.

It’s also easier to find leaks before they start affecting the ceiling on the floor below. Some signs of leaks, other than seeing puddles on the floor or hearing leaks, are stains on the rafters or other roof support structures.

Invest In An Annual Roof Inspection


Investing in an annual roof inspection is one of the easiest ways to ensure that your roof lasts longer. A roofing professional examines your roof and points out signs of damage that it’s easy for you to miss. This is a great way to catch and repair minor roof issues before they become even more expensive and prevent your roof’s premature replacement.

Keep Gutters Clean And In Good Repair


Clogged gutters allow debris to collect near your roof and scratch at the shingles. Not only that, but clogged gutters don’t allow water to flow away from your roof. When you have water hovering around your roof, it can back up underneath shingles, finds imperfections in your roof, allowing water into your home. Nobody likes cleaning gutters, which is why gutter guards are essential for the integrity of your gutters and your roof. Gutter guards prevent debris and leaves from clogging your gutters but allow water to flow away to the ground.

Trim Overhanging Limbs


Speaking of preventing damage to your roof, ensure that there aren’t any tree limbs touching your roof. Swaying tree branches wear down shingles, creating holes and other imperfections that allow water and pests a way inside your home. In inclement weather, high winds not only scrape the lower branches on your roof faster but also create the threat that overhanging branches will fall on your roof and cause significant damage.

Keep The Roof Clean


Another way to prevent roof damage is to keep your roof clean. Using a telescoping pole with a soft brush on the end, you can easily remove leaves, moss, and other debris from your roof. You can also use a roof rake, garden hose, or a leaf blower as that won’t damage your roof.

Clean, But No Power Washing


While it’s important to keep your roof clean, it’s not advisable to power wash your roof to remove leaves and other debris. Even though power washing produces striking results, the concentrated water can loosen or remove the shingles from your roof, making your roof vulnerable and in need of repairs.

If your home requires roof repair in Springfield, VA, or the surrounding area, you can count on Gutter Ethics for quality, professional roof repair. Contact us today for all your roof repair and gutter cleaning needs.

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