Why Siding is Essential for Your Home

Nov 3, 2021 | Blog, Siding

Why Siding Installation?


Siding installation is simply the installation or replacement of your home’s old siding with brand new siding. It boosts the value of your home and provides protection from the outside elements. There are four reasons why your home needs good siding.

1.Extra Waterproofing for Your Home


Your home can never need too much protection from the outer elements. In fact, strong, sturdy siding works very well with your gutters to keep out water and excessive moisture. It can act as an extra sealant for your home and keep it safe and dry during periods of heavy rain and snow. Plus, it’s moisture protection can prevent mold, mildew and other nasty elements from attacking the inside of your home and leading to its inner deterioration.

2. It Protects Your Home From Pests


Your home is your safe haven, and as such, it should be well protected against pests. House flies, bees and wasps can invade any building that lacks good, quality siding. Plus, most of today’s siding materials are typically built to Last. But if you happen to live in a home that’s older, you should have your siding inspected. Anything with cracks, tears or holes is a one-way ticket to a bug invasion. Getting warped siding replaced is the best solution.

3. Good Siding = Optimal Insulation


Strong, durable siding that lasts is your greatest asset for optimal insulation during harsh weather. Your home siding can act as a safeguard against strong gusts of wind and temperature changes. This keeps your monthly energy costs down, especially when you mix it with the proper home insulation materials. Foam insulation and a good house wrap are your best allies for securing a sturdy siding for your home.

4. It Adds an Aesthetic Quality and Increases Your Property Value


Want to add beauty and boost your property value? Adding new siding is a good solution. Anything from wood to aluminum and vinyl siding should do the trick.

Wood siding adds a classic touch with its natural appeal. It can give the outside an outdoors touch with a balance of bold and classical. Vinyl and aluminum can look bright while still adding to your home’s value. But what’s most important is that it protects your home from the elements.

Whether you’re looking, to repair your siding or have new siding installed, we can help. Simply call or visit Gutter Ethics today for a price quote.



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