Common Uses for Different Roof Types

Aug 30, 2021 | Blog, Roofing

The common roof types that we will discuss are Roof Shingles, Roof Tiles, Roof Membranes, and Roof Corrugated Sheets. Each of these roof types are used for different purposes and come with their own benefits. So, what’s the best choice for your home? What are you looking to achieve from a new roof installed on your property? These questions need to be answered before choosing which type is right for you.

Roof shingles have been around since ancient times as they were found in Egypt dating back thousands of years ago! They can also withstand high winds significantly more than other materials such as metal roofs or flat roofs due to their slightly angled shape. Roof Shingles are also known as Roof Tiles, Fireproof Roofing or Tile Roofs and can be made from either natural materials such as asphalt shingles (most common), wood shakes which is a sustainable choice, or polymer-modified asphalt roof tiles.

– Roof tiles provide an excellent alternative to traditional roofs due to their strength & durability in inclement weather conditions such as heavy rain, hailstorms, or snowfall. They come with long warranties of up to 50 years on certain brands, so you know they’ll last!

Some manufacturers offer custom colors for roof tiles too – the possibilities really are endless! However, this does increase the cost slightly compared to standard black/grey but it’s worth considering if you want the best return on investment.

– Roofing membranes are a kind of synthetic material that’s applied to roofs as an alternative or supplement to traditional roof shingles and tiles. They include materials such as EPDM, TPO, PVC & Hypalon which is used in marine applications, so it’s also waterproof too! These modern alternatives have become increasingly popular due to their durability (up to 40 years) and cost-effectiveness compared with other traditional options like asphalt shingles or metal roofs.

One thing you should be aware of however is that these newer types require special installation techniques involving hot air welding equipment because they don’t overlap as standard Roof Shingles do for example. This requires more skill from your Roofing Contractor to install Roof Membrane.

– Roof Corrugated Sheet is a metal roof sheet that comes in either aluminum or steel as standard however they can also be coated with other metals such as copper, zinc, and even titanium! They are great for industrial buildings because of their durability & strength – you can expect up to 60 years warranty on some brands which are impressive compared to the 25-year warranty offered by traditional Roof Shingles. This type of Roofing Material isn’t suitable for residential homes though due to its weight (it weighs more than double asphalt shingles) but it does offer appealing aesthetics if your style leans towards modern décor choices.

So, there we have some popular types of roof materials available: Roofing Shingles, Roof Tiles, Roof Membrane, and Roof Corrugated Sheet. Each has its own benefits/drawbacks, so you need to consider which type best suits your property as well as your budget! Your Roofing Contractor will be able to assist with your decision-making process – just be sure to ask them any questions you may have.

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