Curb Appeal and Color Choices: Northern Virginia’s Most Popular Roof Colors

Nov 24, 2023 | best roof colors, Blog, common roof colors, Northern Virginia, popular roof colors


May it be a repair, replacement, or for purely aesthetic purposes, a new roof has a huge impact on a home, in general. A new color can greatly enhance the look and feel, while also increasing the overall value of a home.

Important Design Choice

When you are looking to start a roofing project, choosing a color is one decision that should be thought through carefully. Roof color is often an underappreciated design feature, but it will have a drastic effect on your home’s exterior. The following questions will help you narrow down your color options. 

  • What material will this roof be made out of?
  • What color options are available in this material type?
  • What color is the current siding?
  • What color is the current trim and front door?
  • What overall look and style is wanted for this home?
  • What is the look and feel of the neighborhood?


popular roof colors, best roof colors, common roof colors

Colors, Colors, Colors

Once these questions are answered, it is time to start looking at colors for your home. Here are some of the top 2023 color family choices for roofing in Northern Virginia, an area that is heavily inspired by Colonial and Tudor-style architecture.


With an emphasis on tradition, a brown shingle can really bring strength and grounding to a home. This color family contains some of the most familiar colors used on homes across the country. The lighter colors in the brown family are very popular and are the reason they continue to make the top of homeowner’s lists in 2023.


Modern is the name of the game when it comes to gray shingles. With the ability to go with all other colors, this neutral color gives a clean and fresh look to homes. If you are looking to bring your roof into the 21st century, the gray color family could be what you are looking for.


Stand out on your block by going a little less conventional with a blue-hued shingle. This color can really pop given the right conditions. Go light and airy, or a little darker with a navy, depending on the desired look.


Also in the dark brown family, a red roof is becoming more popular in 2023. Pairing these colors with lighter siding/trim can have a dramatic effect on the overall look and style of your home. Reds also span the spectrum with bright, vivid colors all the way down to more earthy tones, like terracotta.


Rounding out the top of the list is the ultra-dramatic black shingle. It never goes out of style and it goes with everything, which is why black shingles are definitely still a contender in 2023. 

Installation: The Final Major Decision

Once you find the material, color, and style you are looking for, you are still missing a key piece to the puzzle – a professional, expert installer. A roof installer is more than just someone who can swing a hammer. The installation process can make or break a beautiful design. With Gutter Ethic, we use our 15+ years of experience to provide professional roof installation we can be proud of. With a current A+ BBB ranking, we stand by our motto, “We Take Care of Our Home, By Taking Care of Yours.” Call us today for a free inspection and for more information regarding your next roof.



Hire a Team of Professionals You Can Trust

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